Frequently Asked Questions - OSPREY


What are the rates for the OSPREY?

Where do I info on & book Public Cruise tickets?

Are beverages served on The OSPREY?


On most Public Cruises there is canned beer, wine & soda bar available onboard.  The bar aboard the OSPREY is CASH ONLY!


For private charters & parties refer to your host regarding the details of your private event aboard the tour boat & party barge.

Is drinking water available on The OSPREY?

Fresh Iced Water is available for free onboard the OSPREY and is served in small cups.  If you prefer bottled water, there will be some available on board for purchase.

Passengers are always able to bring a water bottle on board with them free of charge.

Is food served on The OSPREY?


All Public Cruises are unique.  Passengers should refer to the specific public cruise pages for details regarding their exact cruise.


For private charters & parties refer to your host regarding the details of your private event aboard the tour boat & party barge. 

Craft Beer, Wine & Food is available at FishWater Beer Garden located at the Hollow Creek Marina.

Are passengers allowed to bring their own food and drinks?

Passengers are always allowed to bring a personal bottle of water onboard the OSPREY.

No outside food is allowed on Public Cruises unless otherwise stated.  FishWater Beer Garden is also located at Hollow Creek Marina.  Any food items or beverages purchased at FishWater Beer Garden are allowed onboard The OSPREY.

Are passengers allowed to jump off of The OSPREY?


Anyone jumping off of The OSPREY will be removed from the event by local authorities and reported to the United States Coast Guard.  There is a Federal Law under the Rail Jumper Act prohibiting passengers to jump off of the OSPREY.

Is there a restroom on board The OSPREY?

Yes.  There is a head/restroom located on The OSPREY.

How many passengers can The OSPREY hold?

We cap all events at a 40 passenger maximum, even though The OSPREY is rated for more.

Can passengers swim from The OSPREY?

Due to liability, insurance & regulations, NO SWIMMING is allowed from The OSPREY. 

Weather & Refunds


Should I bring a jacket or raincoat onboard The OSPREY?

This is a personal question and should be answered by one's self.  The OSPREY is an open-aired vessel with a permanent roof.  Sometimes in the shade with the wind blowing, the lake air is quite cool.  It never hurts to be prepared.  It is not uncommon for a passenger to bring a small blanket on a cool night.

Does rain fall cancel an OSPREY cruise?

Simply put, the answer is no.

Light rain is frequent on Lake Murray throughout the year.  Rain alone does not cancel a cruise.  Our Captains will always ensure the safety of our passengers, but rain can go just as quick as it came.  The OSPREY is outfitted with see-through roll-down side curtains.  OSPREY crew will lower these curtains if needed. 

Are refunds given if there is foul weather?

Our Captains & staff reserve the right to cancel any cruise or tour due to weather and safety concerns.  Our goal is to give as much notice as possible if weather is to cancel a cruise however, storms can come & go quick on Lake Murray.  If a cruise or tour has already completed over half of the event, and a storm was to force the Captain to return to the dock earlier than excepted, no refunds will be given.

Refunds will be issued if a cruises or tours does not set sail due to a Captain cancelling the event before it starts.

Can a passenger exchange or refund their Public Cruises tickets after they are purchased?

As stated prior to check-out, all public cruise tickets are nonrefundable or exchangeable.  Passengers need to make sure they purchase tickets for the correct date & times that fit best in their schedule.  Passengers are allowed to give away or resale their tickets to anyone they wish.

Is there a deposit required for Private Charters?

YES.  A nonrefundable deposit of $300 is required for all Private Charter reservations.  To reserve a date, we must BOTH a $300 nonrefundable deposit and a signed Charter Agreement.  Deposits cannot be transferred to new dates once a date has been secured and agreed upon.

Can passengers swim from The OSPREY?

Due to liability, insurance & regulations NO SWIMMING is allowed from The OSPREY.